Running a Successful Kickstarter

This past July we set up, ran, and successfully funded a Kickstarter. In the meantime I’ve received some questions and all of them boil down to “how?" Our Kickstarter  I can literally boil down the entire process down to one rule: Persistence. You know your goal and you know how long you have to get...

Horror: Seeing vs. Imagining

I’ve been working on an outline for a new horror screenplay the past couple of weeks (and neglecting my updates) and I’ve decided to take a different approach from my slasher/gore fest. I got to thinking about what is scarier, what someone else thinks is scary, or what you personally think is scary. The answer…


Opening a Comedy

Starting a comedy script is a lot different than starting a horror script. In horror, you want to save the best for last, the big payoff involving the killer, the last survivor and whatever else you’ve cooked up in the course of the story. Sure, you open with a token death, or the remnants of…


The Standard Romcom Characters

In every romantic comedy there is certain criteria that has to be met. Obviously it has to be funny and even more obvious, it has to be romantic. When a character is being romantic they can’t be funny (unless we’re laughing at them) and when they’re being funny they can’t really be romantic. Being the…